Aviatec Part-147 approved Training Services for the Aviation Industry

Aviatec provides professional aircraft maintenance training to enable operators to carry out complex operations in the industry.

The company offers excellent learning resources to develop industry knowledge for existing and potential aviation professionals.

EASA-approved maintenance training for the aviation sector

Aviatec’s training benefits contributing members of the highly demanding aviation maintenance business in terms of safety, quality and productivity. The company’s services are approved by regulatory authorities and customers for the outstanding quality and effectiveness of the learning programmes.

Aviatec SA is a European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) member state (HCAA) Part 147-approved training centre.

We have a strong focus on overall client satisfaction and provide high-quality aviation courses in accordance with company policy.

Optimised and complete aircraft training courses

Aviatec runs the EASA Part 66 Full Basic Course for categories B1.1 and B2. A total of 99% of graduates are already working in major airlines in Europe and the Middle East.

We offer different aircraft-type training courses for Boeing 777-GE90/RR Trent800, Airbus A320 (V2500 and CFM56), Airbus A320neo (Leap-1A), and Airbus A330 family (RR Trent700/GE CF6/PW4000) engines.

Maintenance training is also offered for the following aircraft:

  • Boeing 737-300/400/500 (CFM56)
  • Boeing 737-600/700/800.900 (CFM56)
  • Boeing 7/8/9 MAX (Leap -1B)
  • ERJ 135/145 (RR AE 3007A)
  • AS332 (Makila 1A)
  • Robinson R22/44

Aviatec provides a number of different courses for aviation professionals and companies such as initial and recurrent human factors in aviation maintenance, quality management systems in aviation, safety management, and audit control.

The company delivers training in EASA parts, initial and recurrent instruction techniques, fuel tank safety, foreign object damage, aircraft marshalling, root cause analysis, as well as corrosion prevention and control.

Unmanned aviation programmes for commercial drones

Aviatec provides unmanned aviation training for remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) commonly known as drones. Our Remote Pilot Qualification (RPQ) is designed for small unmanned aircraft used in many industries, including construction, mapping, security, environmental monitoring and property management.

We assess and offer suggestions for pilot competency, as well as verify operational permissions requirements. Drone flight training is also provided.

Other course modules include:

  • Extended-range, twin-engine operational performance standards (ETOPS)
  • Accidents investigation
  • Stores incoming inspection
  • Electrostatic sensitive discharge (ESD)
  • Maintenance / acceptance test flight
  • Aviation English for aircraft technicians (according to International Civil Aviation Organisation standards)
  • Tire maintenance and care (line / stores)
  • Low-frequency acousticography / coin tap test inspection of composites
  • Borescope inspection of turbine and piston engines
  • Dangerous goods (according to International Air Transport Association standards)
  • Aircraft reliability

Aviatec prepares and organises any other course to meet client requirements. For more information, fill out the enquiry form on this page.

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Aircraft Training Services for the Aviation Industry

Our mission is to provide excellent training to existing and potential aviation professionals and ensure they are knowledgeable and competent to properly perform their duties, add value to their employing organisations and become contributing members of the highly demanding (in terms of safety, quality and productivity), aviation industry.


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26 Doukissis Plakentias Street


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+30 210 6836347 +30 6945 218183 (mobile) www.aviatec.gr