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Founded in 1940, Avia is one of the oldest airlines in Scandinavia. We are very proud of our heritage that has established our reputation as a stable and reputable service provider of aviation services.

Our vision is to exceed customer expectations with flexible and cost effective solutions where a high level of customer integration is a basic principle. We think that there is always a new angle to look at any business case and have accepted that constant change and fresh ideas drives the business forward.

Whether you need complete assistance from us to fly your routes or you just want to outsource one part of your business we have the knowledge and will find the solution that works for you.

ACMI operations and services

Avia Express is a flexible organisation with that fulfils high standard ACMI operations for our customers. We take pride in delivery and do our outmost to exceed expectations. We always work hard to find the best and most cost efficient solution for each customer. This includes the full range of services between being a strategic partner to just help out on a minor shortage problem.

Whatever your aviation need is, we are there to assist you.

Flight dispatch and air traffic control center

Avia Express Operations is a full flex dispatch and Traffic Control Center located at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. Today we monitor and dispatch more than 200 flights per day operated by Avia Express and Svenska Direktflyg. Our experienced operations staff handles all operational issues with the focus and dedication needed for an efficient and effective operation of aircraft and crew. This is a concept for communication and cooperation between airline, air traffic control, technical organization, airports and ground staff. We are fully aware of the need of collaborative decision making between all parties involved in a successful operation.

Services provided by Avia Express Operations:

  • Flight planning, including ATC filing at Eurocontrol and slot management, and MET-TAF & NOTAM packages
  • Crew planning, including short-term crew planning, and hotels and transportation
  • Operational control, including following aircraft and crew during daily operations, and making arrangements for diversions

Scheduled and non-scheduled air transportations

Avia has been granted permission by the SCAA to conduct scheduled and non-scheduled air transportations within ICAO European air navigation region. That means that we are able to operate over whole Western Europe, North Africa and western Russia.

Avias AOC, also permits the following special authorisations:

  • CAT II, low visibility operations down to a RVR( Runway Visibility Range) of 300m
  • B-RNAV/P-RNAV, basic and precision air navigation
  • Dangerous Goods, transportation of substances which are capable of posing a risk to health, safety property or the environmental
  • Cabin crew initial training and attestation

Part 145 approved maintenance, repair and overhaul services

Avia Express technical department is a combined Part M and Part 145 organisation. The head office is located in Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden, with production bases in Halmstad, Visby, Sundsvall, Malmö and Karlstad. We perform aircraft management and maintenance up to and including C-check. The work is performed by around 70 employees, including certified aircraft technicians, aircraft mechanics, engineers and other specialists. Apart from Fokker 50s we also have wide experience in Saab 340s, Saab 2000s, Fokker 100s and Embraer 145s, and we perform most of the technical training in-house.

Customized air support services

We provide a wide range of costomized air support services, including:

  • Continuing airworthiness services
  • Engineering support
  • Maintenance planning and control
  • Maintenance documentation
  • Maintenance programs
  • Phase in and phase out of aircraft
  • Pre-purchase or pre-lease inspections
  • Technical record surveys and aircraft inspections
  • Logistic support
  • Line maintenance at various locations
  • Base maintenance
  • Cargo conversions
  • Avionic installations
  • Modifications
  • AOG support
  • Technical training

We take pride in being flexible and being able to meet our customer’s requirements.

Airworthiness approvals

Our range of approvals includes:

  • EASA Part 145, certificate number SE.145.0023
  • EASA Part M subpart G and I, certificate number SE.MG.0044

IOSA certification

During the end of 2007 Skyways Express was audited by IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) and received the certification shortly thereafter. By doing this Skyways Express was formally accepted by IOSA into a new, higher, airline standard.
(The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) program is an internationally recognized and accepted evaluation system designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an airline.) To maintain the status on the IOSA Registry, airlines must undergo, and complete, an IOSA audit every two years.

As a benefit of this Avia Express Sweden AB now have a better structure and well defined policies supporting both employees and management, encouraging them to perform their duties with more focus on flight safety, security and quality.

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