Troo Unified Monitoring Platform for Comprehensive Aircraft Data

Dynamic situational displays, decision support

TrooTrax gives you a full-time window into your mobile assets and operations using self-customisable mapping, event triggers and data analytics that protect your bottom-line.

Troo leads the industry in its extensive support of Cellular/Satcom connected devices under one unified platform. This allows Troo solutions to be built from best-of-breed tracking hardware; global map sources; optimized airtime plans and third-party applications. Lone Worker, GPS ground fleet tracking, flight operations control and sensor-array (SCADA) monitoring can now all work together under one system.

TrooTrax operates in the cloud to continually watch over your remote assets checking device stats, landmarks (e.g. airports, hospitals), timed milestones and other data sources to automatically notify the right people the instant anything is out of the ordinary or not going to plan. Bringing in live situational data, such as weather feeds or no-fly zones further enhances decision support. Accessing it from your web browser, tablet or smartphone is quick to set-up and easy-to-use.

Automated alerts and 3D geofence monitoring

With automated alerts and 3D geofence monitoring working for you 24×7 you receive unparalleled control over key performance factors. ASDI Feeds with TFRs, AFF Compliance, NOTAM/TFRs and flight plans can all come into play. Optimize your operations as you go with 2-way texting and device interactivity for on-the-fly device reconfiguration. TrooTrax Control Center brings new efficiencies to your day-to-day operations maximizing your ability to service more customers for less cost and more visibility.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Today’s fleet operator needs smart reporting and operational insight delivered automatically and in a mobile format. Better manage profitability and improve safety using reports for: aircraft maintenance, trip details (used in logs), on-tarmac metrics (block times, takeoffs), squat switch and other I/O event reports. Automating reports and reminders can also improve the accuracy and reliability of compliance reports and operator logs.

TrooTrax is used in:

  • Air rescue
  • Aerial survey
  • Firefighting
  • Oil, gas and hydro
  • Air ambulance
  • Smart devices
  • Offshore
  • Private jet / helicopter
  • Security / military / police / drone
  • Emergency services
  • Corporate flight department
  • Lone worker
  • Ground support equipment
  • Bag carts, refuelers, buses, tugs etc

Cloud-based platforms for machine-to-machine data communications

Troo provides a cloud-based platform for affordable M2M (machine-to-machine) and location intelligence service delivery. Customers include major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Honeywell, Globalstar and Redtail Telematics.

The TrooM2M Platform provides OEMs, value-added resellers and large enterprises with the tools, web-services and airtime to enable their existing systems and products with real-time intelligence from connected devices within a rich geospatial context.

Two established product lines built on this platform are available to resellers on a white-label basis: TrooTrax with its roots in GPS-tracking, and TrooAnalytx for geospatial analytics and advanced mapping.

GPS telematics with flexible aero-mapping and reporting

The TrooM2M Platform brings together everything needed to create powerful M2M solutions. The M2M Device Gateway is a connected device management framework that supports the most extensive catalogue of CDMA / GPRS / Satcom devices in the industry.

Telematic and location solutions with cloud-based infrastructure

The underlying technology and software-as-a-services framework for Troo technologies and products is the TrooM2M platform. This has been built-up over eight years to enable the unique combination of GIS technologies with real-time M2M tracking, monitoring and analytics.

The service-bus architecture makes this platform highly scalable and open to integration of third-party data, applications and remote sensing / telematics devices. The architecture also facilitates the systems redundancy and 24×7 high-availability, world-class performance demanded of cloud-based infrastructure.

Advanced tracking and monitoring applications

Designed to be white-labeled and localized for international use, TrooTrax is used 24×7 by global customers in numerous applications within aviation, ground, marine and lone-worker tracking / monitoring. It stands out from the competition with its many features and the ability to handle the most multi-modal (satellite, cellular, RF, landline) devices within a single unified interface.

TrooTrax includes applications for smartphones and tablets (TrooTrax Mobile) and has add-on modules for control centers, cellphone tracking (via the Beacon product), weather feeds, aviation feeds, maintenance monitoring, aviation reporting, ground fleet reporting, on-time routing and status publishing. For governments and large enterprises that require TrooTrax services behind their own private firewall, TrooTrax Enterprise delivers tracking services on pre-configured clusters of redundant servers.

Live Situational Awareness for Better Logistics Support

TrooAnalytx is a set of online services for digesting complex spatial data, interpreting patterns within the data and delivering sophisticated themed online publishing of geospatial information for mass consumption or better mobile workflow management thorough ‘geo-enablement’.

TrooAnalytx is built on the TrooM2M platform and is able to work with TrooTrax to combine real-time M2M telematics with location intelligence for applications where real-time situational awareness can achieve unique benefits.

Application programming interfaces and data inter-connection services

TrooConnx are the licensed interfaces and web-services available to allow TrooM2M, and consequently TrooTrax and TrooAnalytx technologies, to securely inter-communicate between applications and databases. Now, the best-of-breed industry applications can be extended to the TrooM2M platform and customers’ legacy databases can interchange data with TrooM2M based products.

Examples include insurance companies streaming telematics data from vehicles into their databases; and dispatch software providers combining the benefits of real-time telematics and situational awareness with their software.

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Press Release

Troo Releases White Paper

Troo has a white paper available, entitled 'Flexible M2M Solutions for Real-Time Location Intelligence'.

White Papers

Flexible M2M Solutions for Real-Time Location Intelligence

Troo was one of the first service providers to deliver 100% cloud-based M2M location intelligence.

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Press Release

22 October 2013

Troo has a white paper available, entitled 'Flexible M2M Solutions for Real-Time Location Intelligence'.

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15 March 2013

Dallas Avionics Inc is proud to announce its partnership with Troo Corporation of Ottawa as part of its commitment to helping avionics providers better service the aviation industry in North America with the introduction of TrooTrax web-based tracking and situational display services.

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