Gielle MRO Services for Aircraft Fire Extinguishers, Cylinders, Regulators, Oxygen Masks and Tubing

Founded in 1965 in Italy, Gielle provides maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) for an extensive range of equipment, including manual and automatic fire extinguishers, cylinders, regulators and oxygen masks for crews and passengers, and pressurised safety system reservoirs (landing gear, escape slides and doors). Gielle also undertakes the cleaning, decontamination and retesting of aeronautical tubing.

Dedicated specialists for the MRO of these products work in our 2,500m² facility to provide our customers with the best speed, value and quality of service.

Aircraft fire extinguishers and oxygen equipment

Gielle provides maintenance, repair and overhaul for aircraft fire extinguishers and oxygen equipment across a broad spectrum of manufacturers. These include Adams Rite, Aerospace-Sabre, Afnor, Air Cruisers, Air Liquide, Amerex, Ansul, Aro, Beaufort, Bf Goodrich, Bronzavia, Cameron Balloons, Carleton, Cessna, Chubb Fire, Compressed Gas Association, Draeger, Eastern Aero Marine, Eros-Intertechnique, Eros-Intertechnique Bis, First Technology and Flag Fire Equipment.

General Fire Corp, General Incendie, Hoover Indus, Hr Textron, Htl Pacific Scientific, Issoire Aviation, Kidde Aerospace, Kidde Graviner, L’hotellier, Mass Systems, Meggitt, Percival Fire Fighting, Puritan Bennett, Rfd Limited, Scott-Avox, Structural Composites Industrie, Survival Engineering, Systron Donner, Total, Ultra Magic and Winslow are also among the brands of aircraft fire extinguishers and oxygen equipment for which we can supply MRO.

Water jackets for hydrostatic proofs to cylinders

We are equipped with three water jackets for undertaking hydrostatic proofs to cylinders according to US DOT 49 CFR regulations.

Aircraft cylinder painting

Our overhaul services for aircraft cylinders include repainting with special paints validated for the aviation industry.

Halon recovery and recycling machine

In accordance with the Montreal Protocol, the production of Halon has ceased. Gielle owns a recovering and conditioning for Halon (REACH) machine, conceived to efficiently recover and recycle Halon in order to guarantee supply.

Gielle sells halocarbons for critical uses, including Halon 1211, Halon 1301, Halon 2402 and other halocarbon gases. We offer a variety of options to our customers, including Halon banking, selling, recycling, and sometimes purchasing bulk 1211 and 1301 Halon.

Gielle now offers Halon 1301 and 1211 certified for aircraft fire extinguishers, inerting tanks, and for other Halon-containing vessels. Depending on the agent and application, these gases are laboratory-certified to strict industry specifications such as ASTM D 5632, ASTM D 6064, ISO 7201, ARI-700 and NFPA 2001.

Gielle is your domestic and international full service Halon and cleaning agent specialist. We buy, sell and service all types and sizes of Halons.

Hydraulic and oxygen pipe decontaminating services for aircraft

We can clean and decontaminate hydraulic and oxygen pipes for aircraft. We have extensive expertise in this field. Our workbenches and machines have been developed completely in-house, and approved by the most important brands.

Quality systems and certificates

Our independent quality system ensures that maintenance activities are carried out in accordance with our maintenance organisation exposition (MOE), which is the shared foundation of our certificates.

Gielle is committed to continually improving the current level of quality through compliance with the legal requirements of the European pressure equipment directive, as well as the following regulatory standards:

  • EASA Part 145 FR.145.238
  • FAR 145 B1GY360N
  • US DOT C968
  • Airbus SMQ  and LJ/SP 
  • Dassault Aviation 
  • Bombardier 
  • TCAC 808-50

PMA and OEM aircraft parts

Our EASA/FAA/US DOT certificates make us independent and able to support the very best airlines, MRO groups and aircraft manufacturers with PMA and OEM parts. We are the official suppliers of Singapore Airlines, Alitalia, Boeing and others.

High-pressure testing of metallic and composite parts

Gielle is also a specialist in high-pressure testing of both metallic and composite parts for aerospace and military use. The hydraulic and nitrogen bench tests have been specially conceived by our engineers to comply with the special needs of our customers.

Worldwide aircraft system installation and services

No matter where you are, from New York to Dubai, we perform whatever service is necessary, including installation, retrofit, recharge, maintenance and emergency repair. We work in airports, at sea or in the yards.

Our high level of service is another part of our global commitment to keeping your Gielle systems functioning perfectly and in accordance with applicable aviation fire protection regulations.

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Via Ferri Rocco, 32

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+39 080 3118998 +39 335 7308283 +39 080 3101309