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Today's aircraft are highly technical structures that contain many different and complex systems. For each of these systems there is a specialist. Flugzeugreparaturen Ralf Kohnen specializes in aircraft structural repair through metal fabrication. The demanding requirements of custom metal fabrication are often underestimated, particularly during accident and C / D-Check repair actions. A broad experience level coupled with craftsmanship is a prerequisite for a high-quality and lasting repair.

Structural repair support for commercial and private aircraft

Flugzeugreparaturen Ralf Kohnen offers optimal structural repair support for commercial and private aircraft operators as well as for Part M and Part 145 OEMs. The range of our capabilities starts with minor line maintenance repairs and ends with on-site major modification and / or major repair actions at our facilities. Each and every part manufactured at our facility includes proper documentation and release-to-service paperwork.

Services we offer include:

  • Damage findings from our certifying staff
  • Estimates for damage repair including cost analysis
  • Spare and normal parts procurement
  • Go / no-go assessment and alignment devices
  • Required documentation including EASA Form One
  • High-quality repair and modification by our aircraft specialists
  • 24-hour AOG service

Aircraft upgrade and modification services

We happily take on challenging aircraft upgrade and modification projects such as camera installation, security devices and modifications from Supplemental Type Certifications (STCs).

Affiliated services offered include:

  • Complete metalwork planning and completion
  • Communication with product developers
  • Form and alignment device (go / no-go) manufacturing
  • Detailed documentation including manufacturer’s statement of service

Cold expansion capabilities

In May 2005 we added cold expansion capabilities to our list of services. This process strengthens the material around holes, greatly reducing the probability for cracks and the risk of premature material failure. Our capabilities currently include two experienced cold expansion specialists and 100% in-house task completion by our highly trained personnel.

24-hour on-site aircraft repair and maintenance services

For our customers with AOG problems, you can trust us to be ready around-the-clock, 24 / 7.

We offer:

  • 24-hour stand-by services
  • On-site damage repair
  • Highly qualifed and specialists
  • Years of experience with accident repair

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Flugzeugreparaturen Ralf Kohnen GmbH

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