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Cyclosystem Industrial Cleaning Machines and Process Automation

Cyclosystem offers a broad range of industrial cleaning machines and other process-related equipment for various markets and applications. The machines and solutions are designed to provide clients with maximum reliability and superior performance.

Cyclosystem serves a wide client base, including aerospace and military, electronics, disk drives and semi-con, manufacturing, metal stamping, marine and offshore, rail and track industries.

The key industrial cleaning machines for the aerospace and military industries include:

  • Florescent penetrant inspection (FPI) system
  • Ultrasonic cleaning technology
  • Jet spray cleaning technology
  • Immersion cleaning system
  • Hot air drying oven

Reliable standard and customised FPI systems

Cyclosystem designs standard and customised FPI systems, and has a good track-record, both locally and overseas, making it the perfect choice for many organisations searching for compact, safe, eco-friendly and reliable standard and customised FPI systems.

The range of standard automated / manual FPI system includes:

  • One piece flow design
  • Small batch flow design
  • Large batch flow design

FPI system supporting equipment includes:

  • Flushing system
  • Inspection booth

Ultrasonic cleaning technology for increased efficiency

Cyclosonic, Cyclosystem’s ultrasonic cleaning machines, offer cost-effective, faster, consistent and safer cleaning systems. From low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning of heavy-duty mechanical parts to ultra-high frequency cleaning, Cyclosonic increases efficiency and decreases your environmental footprint.

The Cyclosonic range of industrial cleaning systems is grouped under the following basic product categories:

  • Slab type immersible transducers and generators
  • Tubular transducers and generators
  • Bench-top ultrasonic cleaners
  • Standard and customised transducerised tanks
  • Automated and manual modulon cleaning system
  • Automated high-precision cleaning line
  • Automated and manual vapour degreaser system
  • Automated multi-sonic cleaning system
  • Automated megasonic cleaning system
  • Automated in-line tape and wire cleaning system
  • Other customised ultrasonic cleaning system

Jet spray cleaning technology for mechanical parts and components

Cyclojet jet spray cleaning machines are the fastest and most practical way to clean mechanical parts and components efficiently, as well as meeting all the strict local and international environmental regulations.

Cyclojet cleaning machines are normally used for the pre-cleaning, general cleaning and final cleaning of small machined components in sophisticated mechanical components, as well as large parts in the general servicing, maintenance and overhaul industry.

The Cyclojet range of industrial spray cleaning machines is grouped under the following basic product categories:

  • Manu-Cleaner – the most competitive range of small parts cleaners
  • Inex series – for automatic cleaning of small parts
  • Inex-Plus series – combining both spray jet and immersion cleaning technology
  • Heavy-duty series – for automatic cleaning of large and heavy parts
  • Conveyor/tunnel cleaners – for continuous cleaning of production parts
  • Customised cleaners – tailored design for other customised cleaning needs

Immersion cleaning system

The Cyclodip product is an ultrasonic cleaning machine, which is suitable for cleaning and degreasing bulky parts, paint stripping and chemical etching.

Hot air drying oven

The Cycloheat hot air drying oven is suitable for heating and dehumidifying raw materials for light and heavy industries. The Cycloheat is characterised by low noise, consistent and stable operation, and automatic temperature control.

Industrial wastewater treatment plant

The Cyclotreat industrial wastewater treatment plant is designed to handle the removal of industrial contaminants, while producing an environmentally-friendly and safe fluid waste stream (treated effluent).

Company profile

With Cyclosystem’s unparalleled experience, highly-skilled design team, continuous innovation and latest technology, we’re able to effectively recommend simple, practical, high-quality and reliable cleaning solutions to meet the changing needs of our clients. Our technical competence and stringent quality control assures our clients that our products are manufactured in accordance with worldwide standards.

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Cyclosystem had several key goals in creating the new site. We wanted it to be attractive with a sophisticated look, easy to navigate, and make use of design elements to bring out our corporate colours.

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Cyclosystem had several key goals in creating the new site. We wanted it to be attractive with a sophisticated look, easy to navigate, and make use of design elements to bring out our corporate colours.

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Cyclosystem Pte Ltd

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+6564554111 +6564550111