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LEITWIND is one of the leading producers of direct drive wind turbine generators. LEITWIND, with main headquarters in Sterzing, in the heart of the Italian Alps, is a company of the LEITNER Group. Technical expertise and consistent investments in research and development lead to the construction of the first wind turbine in 2003. Through the use of synergies with its ropeway technology know-how, the company conceptualized a wind turbine based on the principle of a direct drive generator.
Since its establishment, LEITWIND has pursued innovation driven by a precise vision: to make effective and technologically advanced wind turbine generators which can efficiently produce clean energy while ensuring the highest levels of reliability. The company has reached this objective through a simple and modular concept: low-complexity systems provide better efficiency and superior reliability, which translate into higher profitability. The company’s unique approach focusing on quality and reliability, has allowed the company to quickly expand its business internationally, leading to an impressive growth.

The direct drive system patented by LEITWIND, with a synchronous generator using permanent magnets, reduces electromechanical losses to a minimum and maximizes performance at all operating levels. Thanks to a slow rotational speed of the generator and the highly advanced components, the LEITWIND wind turbine stands out for its reliability, high productivity and minimum wear. The double electric circuit of LEITWIND turbines allows the system to operate even in the unlikely event of one of its components failing. The control system regulates the rotor speed through the blade pitch, ensuring optimal operation, both at partial and full load. The four-quadrant IGBT converters ensure high compatibility with the electric grid to ensure use even when the grid is weak and unstable. Modular and compact construction allows for easier installation, even when access to the site is difficult. All the unique features lead to the extraordinary results achieved in 2011: LEITWIND wind turbine generators’ technical availability being well above the average.


Around 100 wind turbine generators were installed by the end of 2011. This prestigious goal was successfully achieved by LEITWIND with the construction of wind turbines in Europe, Asia and America. The company enjoys global success, marking numerous new records in 2011. The total sales volume jumped from 137€ Mio in 2010 to 163 € Mio. This successful result, achieved with the help of around 700 skilled employees around the world, is accompanied by € 5.8 million investment in research and development. This is a clear indication of the company’s special devotion to innovation and quality.

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