RO-RA Aviation Systems

Attachment Systems, Shock Absorbers and Vibration Technology for the Aviation Industry

RO-RA Aviation Systems is a system supplier and partner to the aviation industry of attachment systems and vibration technology / shock absorbers for structural and interior systems.

The variety of production capabilities - including milling / machining, elastomerics, injection moulding glass fibre reinforcements, thermoplastics, plastics and composite components - provide a wide range of products for customers to choose from.

RO-RA gives its customers value for money by offering them lightweight solutions, highly functional and innovative platforms, competitive pricing, as well as customised technical solutions.

Aerostrut system for the aviation industry

RO-RA develops and manufactures a variety of tie rods, including drag links, steering rods, rotary rods and many more. Our Aerostrut system includes an integrated / inner distortion lock mechanism with independent anti-twist devices. The system allows significant improvements during the installation process at the assembly lines of our customers. The Aerostrut tubes are manufactured in aluminium or steel and can be swaged by our in-house fabrication capabilities.

The Aerostrut system provides major benefits to the aviation industry, such as:

  • Significantly reduced cycle times at installation
  • Plug and play solutions
  • Reduced testing for design adaptations
  • No tooling for adjustments and adjustability requirements
  • No wire lock
  • No counter nuts
  • High adjustability, with a range of +/- 50mm or 2in
  • High-resistance against environmental conditions
  • Optional loose prevention

Shock mounts with axial and radial applications

RO-RA develops and manufactures shock mounts with axial and radial applications. Our Aeroshock system comprises of the machining and milling of metal parts and applications with the design and manufacturing of elastomeric shock absorbing, noise, temperature and vibration dampening devices. The standard features include axial / radial applications, with a stiffness range of around 25N/mm to 4,500N/mm and maximum amplitudes up to +/-.

Linear and rotary aerolift dampers

Our range of linear and rotary dampers includes the Aerolift system, which provides improved homogeneity of damper motion and a massive reduction of the 'air jump' effect due to a new, innovative valve system. The system includes a safety relief valve for overload protection in the case of misuse.

The Aerolift system provides major benefits to the aviation industry with:

  • Damper systems, especially developed for the aircraft industry
  • Long life-time
  • No 'air jump' during operation
  • No pressure loss during the opening / closing process
  • Load dependent damping action
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Multiple end fittings designs available based on customer requirements

Structural struts

RO-RA manufactures a large range of tie rods, including metallic rods, engine mounting rods, engine rod assemblies, steering rods, turnbuckles and rotary / swaged rods.

Structural struts are manufactured by using aluminium, titanium or stainless steel and are swaged in a cold forming process (rotary swaging without changes to the microstructure).

Comprehensive testing is made to qualify structural struts, including dye penetrate inspection, electromagnetic particle examination, grain size and grain flow inspection, radiography or radioscopy inspection, allowable defects testing and paint thickness inspection.

Aerofloors rail floor fitting

Our Aerofloor system, for rail or floor fittings, is comprised of the machining and milling of metal parts and applications with the design and manufacturing of elastomeric shock absorbing, noise and vibration dampening devices.

The standard features include axial applications with different stiffness ranges and hardness behaviours according to the customer's requirements with respect to different amplitudes and end stops. Ultimate loads, limit loads and operating loads are determined by the customer's requirements.

RO-RA develops customised and integrated Aerofloor solutions for our customers, which include:

  • Systems for monument / cabinets fixation to the floor structure (hardpoints or seat track rails)
  • Systems for sidewise fixations of monuments, side ledges

Machining and milling

The machining metal packages are made up of different aluminium, titanium, steel and plastics complex machined brackets, which are fully assembled, tested and surface treated. The assembly of the detail components includes the injection grouting of the bearings, surface treatment, fasteners installation and sealant application.

The milling metal parts comprises of different premium and high-tensile steels and adequate surface treatment. High-tensile steels are mainly used for engine products.

Injection moulding parts

RO-RA specialises in the development, qualification and production of plastic mouldings and machined plastic parts that are spread across a wide range of the automotive, aerospace and general industry.

All common plastics and special technical plastics are used for the development and production of aviation products. Thermoplastic-elastomers (TPE) are applied in areas where product requirements and temperature are sensitive.

At RO-RA Aviation Systems, we use the following processes:

  • Glass fibre filled or carbon fibre filled
  • Two-component injection moulding
  • Internal gas pressure moulding

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