Mops, Wipes and Detergents for Aerospace Applications

Micronova Manufacturing, established in Torrance, California, US in 1984, was created to meet the requirement for special tools for critical cleaning protocols in aerospace and military installations, and so developed a range of tapes, detergents, mops and wipes to meet these needs. All manufacturing is carried out at the Torrance facility and Micronova's products are distributed and sold for aerospace applications worldwide.

Pressure-sensitive tapes for aerospace applications

We provide a range of pressure-sensitive tapes for aerospace applications. CR100PC™ vinyl tape has a synthetic rubber adhesive which ensures a clean peel from cleanroom surfaces such as titanium, steel, polycarbonates and plastics. It complies with federal specifications PPP-T-66E and CID A-A 1689A.

CSLB™ low-tack tape has excellent peel and re-seal properties and is used to protect and seal painted and powder-coated surfaces in aerospace applications.

CGT™ conductive grid tape has a conductive grid embedded between two anti-static layers and is used for sealing and packaging components in static sensitive aerospace environments, as it will not generate or conduct a charge.

Polyimide tapes for extreme-temperature testing in aerospace applications

825™ extreme-temperature polyimide film tape is a transparent, amber, pressure-sensitive tape with a silicone adhesive that ensures residue-free release from most surfaces, even after exposure to temperatures up to 500°F.

Finely filtered detergents for aerospace sensitive cleaning and de-greasing

NovaClean™ floor cleaner is an all-purpose cleaner filtered to 0.1µm with almost no detectable levels of sodium and chlorine. This low-ionic formulation will not generate a static charge and works well with conductive flooring and other surfaces found in aerospace applications.

MegaClean™ heavy-duty cleaner can be used in place of acetone and IPA in VOC sensitive environments and works in ultrasonic/megasonic cleaning. It removes adhesives, solder flux and heavy soils and lubricants in aerospace applications.

NovaHol™ pre-saturated wipes contain a blend of NovaClean and low-level Isopropanol for fast drying and are efficient in cleaning instruments and glass and stainless-steel panels in military and commercial aerospace applications.

Wipes for aerospace and component manufacturing

NovaCel ™ series wipes are made of polyvinyl acetal, which has good absorbency and is extremely soft when moistened. These wipes are ideal for aerospace and component manufacturing applications where the cleaning of lenses and treated glass surfaces, such as special-vision goggles, is required.

PVA series wipes have 600% absorbency and are efficient in cleaning fine particles from metal and plastic surfaces in aerospace applications, prior to painting, coating or other treatments.

Hands-free soap micro-dispenser for aerospace applications

The M-Zone® hands-free soap micro-dispenser for aerospace applications combines touch-free technology and consistency of dispensing with easy changing of bottles. Available with a selection of soaps, sanitizers and hand treatments for general manufacturing and aerospace applications, it reduces cross-contamination.

NovaClenz™ is an effective and fast-acting instant hand and glove sanitizing gel that requires no sink, water or towels. The alcohol formulation helps prevent transfer of bacteria including pseudomonas, salmonella and staphylococcus.

Hy-G-Clenz™ antibacterial lotion soap for aerospace applications meets OSHA standards and is effective against a wide range of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. A blend of 0.3% Triclosan and emollients ensure this formulation is ideal for frequent hand washing.

All soaps available in 500ml saddle pump bottles for use with or without the M-Zone micro-dispenser.

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