Legacy Building Solutions

Fabric Aircraft Hangars and Structures

Legacy Building Solutions sells, manufactures and installs tension fabric structures for a variety of industries.

Each Legacy building is designed and built to meet project specifications and ensure customer satisfaction for years to come.

The company's solutions can be used in the military and aerospace industries, as well as civil and commercial aviation applications, including:

  • Aeroplane and helicopter hangars
  • Airline storage
  • Aerostructure manufacture and storage
  • Maintenance, repair and operations (MROs)
  • Tech operations
  • Large area maintenance shelters (LAMS)
  • Air cargo facilities

Flexible and customised fabric structures

The length, width and height of the sidewall and peak height of each structure are engineered to meet specific customer needs. Clear span widths of more than 300ft are available, along with any length.

Customers can specify the height needed to accommodate any vertical stabiliser or helicopter rotor, while room can be added for maintenance or storage anywhere in the building.

Multiple access options for tension fabric structures

It is possible to move large equipment in and out of the structure with ease with multiple configuration options. Furthermore, customers can add large doors, including MegaDoors, bi-fold doors, rolling doors and hydraulic doors, or multiple doors anywhere on the structure.

Removable panels are a cost-effective solutions for access, while leaving one or both endwalls and sidewalls open or partially open will allow aircraft and equipment to pass in and out with ease.

Adaptable fabric buildings

Legacy's in-house engineering team designs each aircraft hangar to meet local codes related to snow, wind and seismic load.

Legacy crews have designed buildings for environments ranging from north Canada to deserts in Chile. The rigid frame is adjusted to the same safety standards as traditional construction and stamped drawings and blueprints are provided to simplify the permitting process.

Engineered fabric buildings for hanging loads

Wet or chemical fire suppression systems, smoke curtains, HVAC systems and more are all engineered onto the rigid steel frame.

The strength of steel allows Legacy to add any hanging loads to the building, keeping ancillary systems out of the way and increasing building functionality.

Flame resistant fabric cladding

All fabric aviation structures meet NFPA 409 standards for safety.

Legacy meets the standards required for group I, II, III and IV aircraft hangars.

Flame resistant fabric cladding is also available. This smothers the fire rather than feeding it, which provides an extra layer of protection.

Tension fabric buildings

Fabric hangars can be constructed in approximately half the time of traditional steel-clad buildings and new structures can be operational in just a few weeks.

Legacy buildings are available anywhere in the world and the company's experienced crews travel to customer locations. Alternatively, the company provides technical representative services if the customer prefers to use a local contractor.

Versatile fabric buildings

If airport operations change, fabric structures can be expanded, reduced or relocated as needed. Lightweight architectural fabric is easier and cheaper to ship than other cladding options. There are also no nails or protrusions to deal with in the new location.

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