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24 May 2018
Industry News

Researchers to investigate space weather over South America
Researchers from Brazil’s National Space Research Institute (INPE),in partnership with other Latin American institutions, are working to install a network of magnetometers to measure the intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field across South America.

Element invests in aerospace product qualification testing site in US
Element Materials Technology has made investment in its aerospace product qualification testing site in Bloomington, Minneapolis to expand the site’s capabilities.

Airbus to abide by WTO’s ruling on aircraft subsidies
French plane maker Airbus has agreed to take measures to comply with the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) ruling on subsidies for its A350 and A380 jet programmes.

ATSB defends findings of missing MH370 flight probe
The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has defended its findings that the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was out of control when it landed, rejecting the theory that the pilot consciously crashed the aircraft.

Press Releases

Introduction of the New AVIM Family
After 25 years, the Diamond AVIM connector is joining forces with new AVIM products to become the AVIM Family, which will be released officially later this month.

United Electronic Industries Host IoT-based Health and Usage Monitoring Systems Webinar
United Electronic Industries (UEI) are hosting a webinar based on IoT-based Health and Usage Monitoring Systems for Maintenance, Life Extension, and Reliability.

Radiant Vision Systems Announces Release of AR/VR Lens for ProMetric® Imaging Photometers and Colorimeters
Radiant Vision Systems has announced the release of a new AR/VR lens for Radiant Vision Systems ProMetric® imaging photometers and colorimeters.

Columbia Metals Predicts Record Sales Growth for Precision Engineering Industry
Columbia Metals recently carried out a survey looking at market conditions within the precision engineering sector and has predicted that sales growth will continue to grow to record levels.

Columbia Metals Opens New Headquarters in Bedford, UK
Columbia Metals is delighted to announce the opening of a new 20,000ft² warehouse and office facility in Bedford, UK.

White Papers

Instrument and Avionics Repair and Sales
DFW offers a wide variety of aircraft flight-critical instruments for purchase. Our expertise in instrument/equipment repairs, which consist of a wide range of Air Data Equipment, Engine Instruments, Flight directors, Horizon Situation Indicators, Gyroscopes among others.

Flight Deck Door Monitoring Systems
Cabin Avionic's Skycam is a modular Flight Deck Door Monitoring System (FDDMS) for commercial aircraft.

Micronova Product Catalogue
In today's world, the call for controlled manufacturing is standard across a wide range of industries.

Five Signs a Photometry-Based Imaging System is the Right Choice for your Inspection Application
An alternative solution to standard machine vision that offers superior imaging and software functionality is a photometry-based imaging system.

Enabling a New Era of Design Optimisation, Complexity and Functionality for Composite Structures
Additive manufacturing (AM) encompasses methods of fabrication that build objects through the successive addition of material, as opposed to subtractive methods such as CNC machining that remove material until a final shape is achieved.

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