Honeywell is set to partner with US-based firm AT&T to use internet of things (IoT) technology for various aircraft and freight solutions, with the intention to help companies improve productivity and performance.

Under the collaboration, the companies will work to implement IoT technology to Honeywell’s Connected Freight and Connected Aircraft solutions.

AT&T’s global connectivity and IoT solutions will be combined with Honeywell’s technologies under the partnership.

The partnership will serve companies across Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Australia to provide shippers with critical information about cargo, as well as improve aircraft safety.

Honeywell safety and productivity solutions IIoT general manager Sameer Agrawal said: “Our IoT collaboration with AT&T is adding value to the transportation and logistics products we provide our customers worldwide.

“It gives logistics providers near real-time data insights about their shipments in-transit.

“It gives logistics providers near real-time data insights about their shipments in-transit.”

“And we can unleash a wide array of connected products and services for aircraft operators.”

Honeywell’s Connected Freight solution is a scalable platform designed to track and monitor critical shipments while in transit.

The solution involves using sensor tags that can be attached to assets, pallets or individual packages to provide location information as well as measure shock and tilt, humidity, temperature and pressure changes.

The interconnected solution uses a mesh network protocol to communicate data back to a nearby centralised gateway device.

Honeywell’s Connected Aircraft will use the AT&T global network to interact with the ground during flights.

The company’s GoDirect family of solutions comprises more than 50 value-adding aviation services and applications, providing operators, flight crews and maintenance teams with critical information to manage their operations and network.

Resulting services are intended to enhance fleet management, flight safety, passenger experience, maintenance, flight operations, aircraft turnaround time and costs.