Garmin G1000H

Bell Helicopter has signed a long-term contract with the satellite navigation firm Garmin International to equip its new short light single (SLS) aircraft with Garmin G1000H integrated avionics system.

The new all-glass avionics system will digitally provide key flight information through high-resolution LCD displays, while reducing overall workload for pilot.

The Garmin G1000H, first introduced on Bell 407GX, delivers vital flight information such as flight instrumentation, navigation, communication, weather, terrain, traffic, identification as well as diagnostics and maintenance data.

It improves situational awareness and provides increased margins of safety.

The fully-integrated glass flight deck comprises high resolution LCD screens, featuring primary flight display and multi-function display information, along with an integrated avionics system with helicopter terrain avoidance warning, helicopter synthetic vision technology and traffic information systems.

The system integrates control and presentation of flight data, sensor and instrument functions into a comprehensive package.

It has advanced features such as single or dual integrated solid-state attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS), align while in motion, handling highly dynamic in-flight restarts and flight maneuvers.

"The system integrates control and presentation of flight data, sensor and instrument functions into a comprehensive package."

With its sleek design, the system uses modern data-bus technology to reduce wire count and overall weight, simplifying maintenance.

Its line-replaceable units (LRUs), designed with helicopter vibration levels in mind, comprise integrated sensors throughout the helicopter for seamless transfer of data to the PFD/MFD, providing real-time information to the pilot.

Garmin Aviation sales and marketing vice-president Carl Wolf said: "The G1000H offers an unprecedented level of safety, reliability, and situational awareness that pilots have come to know and expect from Garmin advanced flight decks."

Bell Helicopter’s new SLS helicopter, which will be powered by the Turbomeca Arrius 2R engine, will feature a high visibility cockpit and a fully flat, 22ft² cabin floor with five forward-facing seats.

Separately, Bell Helicopter also announced delivery of first VIP Bell 429 to the UK to TJ Morris.

Image: The Garmin G1000H was first introduced on Bell 407GX. Photo: courtesy of Bell Helicopter Textron.

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