Avincis Bell deal

UK-based aerial services provider Avincis has signed an agreement with Bell Helicopter, a subsidiary of the US conglomerate Textron, to purchase of up to 20 rotorcraft, comprising the Bell 429, Bell 412 and Bell 412EPI.

The deal was signed at the Helitech International 2013 event currently taking place.

Avincis plans to deploy the new rotorcraft in life and rescue operations.

Avincis CEO James Drummond said: "These aircraft will help us to save more lives as we grow our global business."

Bell Helicopter CEO John Garrison said that this agreement represents a significant milestone in the long and successful partnership between Avincis and Bell Helicopter.

"The Bell 429 is becoming the new standard in the light twin engine helicopter air ambulance segment as we continue to expand our customer base across Europe and around the world," Garrison said.

Featuring a fully integrated glass cockpit, advanced drive system and best-in-class WAAS navigation and IFR capability, the Bell 429 delivers improved speed, range and hover performance, as well as comfort and cost management compared with other aircraft in the segment, according to Bell Helicopter.

"These aircraft will help us to save more lives as we grow our global business."

It offers air medical operators exceptional flight performance with additional safety features including a collective mounted throttle, damage tolerant hub and rotor system, and energy attenuating seats.

Powered by a Pratt & Whitney PT6T-3D Twin Pac engine, the Bell 412 can accommodate 13 passengers and two crew members and is certified for single pilot IFR.

The Bell 412EPI features a rugged airframe, upgraded engines and the Bell BasiX Pro integrated avionics system, which includes four 10.4in LCD primary/multi-function display units for flight information in an easy-to-scan layout, and is optimised for IFR, Category A and JAR OPS3 compliant operations.

The avionics suite also includes digital maps, electronic charts and approach plates, ADS-B transponder and optional HTAWS and XM satellite links.

Image: Bell Helicopter and Avincis officials at the signing ceremony. Photo: courtesy of Textron Inc.

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