Terma is to head a European space project to take measurements and make observations from the International Space Station (ISS).

In charge of the atmosphere space interactions monitor (ASIM) research project, Terma will design the ASIM equipment to be placed on the exterior of the Columbus module for the European part of the ISS.

ASIM, to be supplied to the European Space Agency, will monitor and take images of the high-altitude lightning discharged from thunderclouds.

The research project aims to study these phenomena and learn about their impact on the atmosphere.

Initiated by the Danish National Space Centre in the first phase, Terma is responsible for the specifications and design in the second phase.

The production phase began at the beginning of August 2010, and launch and activation is due in 2014.

In 2014, Terma will supply the 1m³ instrument unit to JAXA, which will launch the equipment on a Japanese rocket to the ISS.

The contract between ESA and Terma is worth Kr138m ($23m).