Airbus and Boeing are expecting to receive an update on the safety of aircraft passenger seats produced by Koito Industries.

The seat manufacturer has recently admitted breaching safety standards by falsifying records on its flammability tests.

The two aircraft manufacturers are witnessing crashworthiness and flammability tests by Koito that could affect about 150,000 seats on 1,000 aircraft with negative results, according to Aviationweek, which cited data from the Japanese Government.

Boeing is completing dynamic, static and flammability testing on all classes of seats to verify compliance with FAA regulations.

Airbus has informed the customers whose delivery schedules are directly affected and are attempting to find alternative seat suppliers.

The affected deliveries include the 11th Airbus A380 of Singapore Airlines, five A330-300s for Thai Airways and two Continental Boeing 737-800s originally scheduled for January 2010.