The GOES-14 weather satellite for Nasa and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), has completed on-orbit testing and been accepted into service.

GOES-14 formerly GOES-O, is the second of three satellites in the GOES N-P series that will join GOES-13 (formerly GOES-N) as a backup satellite for the two-satellite GOES constellation.

The Boeing-built satellite has been subjected to months of on-orbit testing since its launch in June 2009.

GOES-14 has completed launch and orbit-raising data reviews, a contingency operations readiness review, and testing and verification of the instruments and communications services.

The GOES-13 and GOES-14 are ready to become NOAA’s primary operational satellites, with GOES-13 to become the operational east satellite during early 2010 to provide data for the next hurricane season.