The launch of the Helios 2B French military observation satellite has been postponed for several days, due to a technical glitch detected in the launcher.

The lift-off, originally scheduled for Wednesday from the Kourou launch site of Arianespace in French Guiana, South America, was called off immediately after the launch team found a pressure problem in the helium container.

Arianespace has now placed both the carrier rocket Ariane 5 and its passenger Helios 2B spacecraft in stand-by mode, and will change the valve, which was found leaking before the lift-off.

Developed by European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company, the 4.2t Helios 2B satellite has been designed to serve the French Ministry of Defence with better image and identification of areas of military interest.

The satellite is part of the second-generation observation system for security and defence applications developed by France in collaboration with Belgium, Spain, Italy and Greece.