China Cargo Airlines will incorporate Boeing’s Class 3 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) in its new 777 Freighters, and a new advanced computer information delivery and management system in the plane’s flight decks.

The airline will deploy Boeing’s Multiple Airplane Health Management (AHM) modules in six new 777 Freighters, delivery of which are expected to start in the beginning of 2010, and also in the current fleet of two 747-400 (Extended Range) Freighters.

The Class 3 EFB incorporates the Onboard Performance Tool and Electronic Document Browser, and will provide information from airplane systems, flight crews and cabin crews to the airline’s base operation.

The onboard performance tool will help 777 Freighter pilots improve efficiency, range and payload of the aircraft in any weather condition, while the electronic document brower will give instant access to the latest information, replacing documentation and minimising manual update.

A multi-module decision support capability provided through the web portal, the AHM Custom Alerting and Analysis module will provide a powerful analysis and alerting tool to identify potential system issues.

The AHM will also monitor items such as tyre pressure, oxygen pressure, hydraulic fluid and auxiliary power unit and engine oil levels.

The Real-Time Fault Management will reduce schedule interruptions and increase maintenance efficiency, by collecting real-time airplane data and providing enhanced fault forwarding, troubleshooting and historical fix success rates.

By monitoring fuel consumption and CO² emissions, the Performance Monitoring module will help to optimise airplane operations and support maintenance decision making.