KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has flown the first passenger aircraft, a Boeing 747, to be powered by a 50-50 blend of biofuel and kerosene.

The 747 took flight for an hour and circled the Netherlands with 40 passengers onboard, with one of the four engines powered by a 50% biokerosene mix.

KLM president and CEO Peter Hartman said that flight on biofuel is technically feasible and KLM demonstrated its possibility.

“Government, industry and society at large must now join forces to ensure that we quickly gain access to a continuous supply of biofuel,” he said.

KLM, which has been involved in biokerosene research since 2007, has observed that the biokerosene quest is subject to preservation of forests, water and food chain.

“The food chain may not be jeopardised, and production of biokerosene should not go hand in hand with deforestation or excessive water consumption,” Hartman said.