Moller International is offering a full-featured flight virtual simulator package for its skycar model.

The Moller’s Skycar is a vertical take-off and landing capability (VTOL) aircraft that can also travel short distances on the ground as an automobile.

A Skycar model, M400 Skycar can cruise at 275 MPH and achieve up to 20 miles per gallon on clean burning ethanol fuel, the company claims.

The plug-in flight simulator for the skycar features VTOL technology and its newly redesigned folding-wing configuration.

The plug-in supports both VTOL and Flight mode along with a Test mode where they can try various flight options and a Car mode for ground operations.

Moller International President Paul Moller said the simulator is intended to provide familiarity with the controls and capabilities of the production version of the aircraft.

Moller is expecting that user feedback on the layout of the cockpit and controls will enable it to further refine the ergonomic design of the aircraft prior to entering production.