The XM-5 satellite for SIRIUS XM Radio will launch into space atop an International Launch Services’ Proton rocket in 2010.

The 6,000kg XM-5 satellite, based on the Space Systems/Loral 1300 platform, will provide a high-power digital audio radio service.

The XM-5 will have an end-of-life power capability of about 20KW, making it one of the world’s most powerful communications satellites.

The satellite will enhance the existing XM satellite fleet, to continue offering high-quality digital music, entertainment and data services to XM subscribers across North America.

The Proton vehicle that will place the satellite into space is a heavy-lift launcher built by the Khrunichev Research and Production Space Centre.

This will be the fifth ILS Proton launch for the SIRIUS XM Radio fleet following the previous SIRIUS FM-5 satellite launch in June 2008.