Boeing has submitted a proposal to Nasa for a contract to manage the ground systems integration and launch operations services for Nasa’s Constellation programme.

The Nasa programme deals with manned space flights to the moon.

Constellation includes Orion, a new crew exploration vehicle to carry crew and cargo, the Ares I and Ares V launch vehicles rocket, a lunar lander, lunar surface exploration vehicles and habitat modules.

The EGLS contract will support ground processing for the programme at Nasa’s Kennedy Space Center.

Operations under EGLS will include element processing, test and checkout, and vehicle integration.

The contract will also include mobile launcher and launch pad operations, propellant loading, launch preparations, and launch execution along with recovery efforts for the retrieval and refurbishment of the Ares First Stage and Orion Crew Module.

The contractor will also undertake offline processing for Ares and Orion, including fluids servicing, cargo processing and storage.

The contractor will be responsible for the ground support equipment and infrastructure used in processing, handling, transportation, storage, and testing and advanced planning for future operations.

Nasa is expected to award the EGLS contract in April 2010 through its Kennedy Space Center facility.