GE Aviation has completed ‘safety of flight’ testing for the secondary power distribution system for Gulfstream’s new G650 business jet.

The power distribution system uses modular, solid-state power tiles to support either distributed or federated systems with a scalable design.

The modular power tiles offer packaging and wiring architecture options that minimise installation weight and volume, while the system works to optimise the aircraft’s power configuration.

GE Aviation Commercial Systems general manager Chet Fuller said that the company’s new modular power tile technology incorporated the latest generation of solid-state power controllers.

The system architecture incorporates many aircraft utility functions eliminating the need for other aircraft system line replaceable units, reducing overall weight and decreasing aircraft wiring.

Gulfstream plans to conduct the first flight of G650 later in 2009. The aircraft is scheduled for certification in 2011 and will enter into service in 2012.