Sanswire has unveiled an initial STS-111 mid altitude long endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that will surveillance support to other UAVs in domestic and overseas operation.

The STS-111 has a lightweight, aerodynamic, envelope structure measuring 111ft in length and 11ft in height in a multisegmented, flexible design which enables the airship to cope with winds encountered during flight.

The UAV can undertake a range of missions including persistent loitering or racetrack operations for about two and a half days with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance or communication equipment to provide up to a 200km operational line of sight.

The aerospace firm will deliver the completed surveillance UAV to the systems integrator and operator who will conduct extended duration flight demonstrations of the STS-111 for potential customers.

Sanswire designs and builds various aerial vehicles capable of carrying payloads for persistent surveillance and security solutions at various altitudes.