Stork Fokker will produce engine frames for at least 35 Ariane 5 launchers under a contract signed with Dutch Space.

An engine frame is the structure on which the rocket engine and all the associated equipment is mounted to transmit the engine’s thrust to the rest of the launch vehicle.

The frame is a complex conical structure made of high-grade aluminium that has a diameter of 5.5m for the first stage, a height of 3.5m and weighs over 1,500kg, with each frame consisting of some 2,000 components.

Stork Fokker and Dutch Space have been working together on the Ariane 5 programme since 1993.

The contract is worth about €30m, spread over the period between 2009 and 2014.

Stork Aerospace provides advanced components and systems for the aviation and aerospace industry, while Dutch Space is a part of the EADS Astrium consortium.