A joint venture to develop engine nacelles for next-generation integrated propulsion systems has been formed between GE’s Middle River Aircraft Systems (MRAS) and the Safran group’s Aircelle company.

The joint venture named Nexcelle will produce nacelle products including complete nacelles (housings separate to the fuselage that hold the engines, fuel or equipment) and nacelle subsystems for engine applications of CFM International.

Nexcelle president Steve Walters said that through the company’s partnership with CFM International, it is creating a new way of doing business by evolving advanced propulsion systems that are truly integrated from the engine, nacelle, pylon and wing interface point of view.

“This process will benefit from a seamless approach that is unique to the aviation industry, as Nexcelle has modeled its operating practices, collaborative tools and business processes directly on those of CFM International and our shared parent companies,” Walters said.

CFM International is a 50/50 joint company between Snecma of the Safran group and General Electric Company, which manufactures aircraft engines.