Two European carriers, Air France and Lufthansa are preparing to introduce a new Airbus A380 into service.

Air France plans to bring the aircraft into service with an inaugural transatlantic travel between Europe and the US from Paris to New York, becoming the first A380 operator to fly the aircraft on a transatlantic route.

The French carrier will then employ the aircraft on routes between Paris and Dubai, Johannesburg and Tokyo.

The wide-bodied aircraft will be configured to seat 538 passengers in three cabin classes for Air France.

Lufthansa, on the other hand, plans to use the A380s on heavily travelled routes to Asia and North America with about 20 destinations across the world for the aircraft.

The Air France A380 will enter into service with the transatlantic flight in November 2009, while the Lufthansa A380 is scheduled for service in summer 2010.