Selex Galileo’s Falco unmanned aerial system (UAS) has demonstrated its ability to carry multiple sensor payloads that enhance its intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities.

Falco is a medium altitude, endurance tactical unmanned aerial system designed for civil as well as military surveillance.

The UAS features ramp take-off, fully automatic short take-off and landing capabilities with day or night flight and navigation.

During the flight test campaign, different payloads were integrated and tested such as a combined payload including the electro-optical and infrared sensor and a synthetic aperture radar (SAR).

This configuration allows the system to perform a highly demanding surveillance missions in low-visibility conditions.

Falco also featured a the PicoSAR radar sensor, an active electronic scanned array radar designed for UASs.

The UAS’s ground station was also validated for its operational capability through in-flight hand-over missions and the UAS was tested in different configurations and environmental conditions including surge conditions.