Aitech Defense Systems has highlighted an enhanced 1GHz version of its space-flown S950 3U CompactPCI single-board computer (SBC) at the Defence Systems & Equipment International 2009 in London.

The SBC is designed for a range of space applications such as redundant mission computer, flight guidance and navigation computer, command and data handling computer, solid state recorder, video controller and manipulator controller.

The computer offers increased processing power and data throughput using the PowerPC 750GX processor equipped with silicon on insulator PowerPC technology.

The computer has a low overall board power consumption of below 10W, configurable processor speeds and better radiation tolerance.

The SBC provides a low single-event upset rate of less than one upset in 900 days of operation in low-earth orbit taking into account worst case solar flare and the South Atlantic Anomaly that exposes satellites to several minutes of harsh radiation.

The radiation-tolerant computer has been designed to operate in the harsh space radiation environment.