Saab is promoting a new family of vertical take-off unmanned air system (VTUAS) consisting of the Skeldar, Neo and Koax UAVs at Defence Systems & Equipment International 2009 currently being held in London.

The Skeldar V-200 with a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 200kg, can carry a 30kg payload for up to five hours in a mission radius of 180km.

The Neo S-300 designed by Swiss UAV company, features a 75kg MTOW and 25kg payload weight. It has a mission radius of 40km and an endurance of two hours.

The smallest of the three, Koax X-240 based on a coaxial rotor design weighs 45kg and has an 8kg payload capability. It can fly for 90 minutes at up to 30km radius and is ideal for urban operations such as law enforcement. The hovercapable UAVs can also be used for detecting improvised explosive devices.

Saab entered into the collaboration with Swiss UAV company to create the VTUAS family to satisfy a growing requirement for smaller vehicles.