Nasa and the Canadian Space Agency have signed a framework agreement to continue cooperation in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes.

The agreement sets forth general terms and conditions for future cooperative projects and facilitates expanded cooperation between the US and Canada.

The cooperation cover a range of activities related to human spaceflight, exploration, space science and Earth science.

Nasa administrator Charles Bolden said that as Nasa continues to enhance the scientific observation of the planet and the solar system, the agency is looking to Canada and other international partners to play key roles in future exploration plans.

Canadian Space Agency president Steve MacLean said the US has been a critical partner for Canada ever since the launch of the Alouette-1 satellite in 1962.

“From these early beginnings, we have worked together to forge a space alliance that has become a catalyst, driving generations of space expertise, innovation, science, and technological excellence through our participation in space projects that continue to serve the interests of both our nations,” MacLean said.