Rolls-Royce will employ the MTS Systems mechanical testing suite at its mechanical test operations centre (MTOC) in Germany to study the behaviour of jet engine materials and components under demanding real world conditions.

The MTOC contract order includes a variety of single and multiaxial servohydraulic load frames outfitted with MTS grips, high-temperature extensometres and environmental simulation systems driven by FlexTest digital controllers and SilentFlo hydraulic power units.

The servohydraulic test systems will conduct uniaxial thermomechanical fatigue, high-temperature low cycle fatigue, fracture mechanics and tensile testing.

A planar biaxial test system will provide precision multiaxial force and torque control for subjecting engine turbine materials to complex loading in high-stress, high-temperature environments.

TestSuite software will enable the standardisation of test development, execution and reporting capabilities across all test systems and throughout the MTOC lab for more efficient sharing and analysis of test results.

The order also includes laboratory layout consulting, hydraulic distribution systems and upgrades for several existing servohydraulic and electromechanical test systems.