AugustaWestland will deliver a AW119Ke enforcement helicopter to the Korea National Police Agency (KNPA) as a part of the police force’s modernisation plan.

The AW119 Koala enhanced is an eight-seat single-engine helicopter that can be used for a variety of missions including utility, passenger transport, emergency medical services and law enforcement.

To support law enforcement, the helicopter will be equipped with a powerful search light and a cargo hook will be fitted for utility operations.

The AW119Ke is the first to be purchased by the Korean Government and the third law enforcement helicopter sold into the Korean market.

The addition to the KNPA fleet of law enforcement helicopters will represent a step up in capability for the Korean law enforcement service in the country, according to a Augusta statement.

UI Helicopter has established an approved AgustaWestland customer support facility in Korea to provide local support to the KNPA.