The 787 Dreamliner aircraft will perform its maiden flight by end of 2009 and will see its first delivery in the fourth quarter of 2010, according to a new schedule drawn up by Boeing.

The Dreamliner, a new aircraft series, has been under development and has thus far witnessed five delays to its launch, the last because a side section of the aircraft needed reinforcing.

The new schedule takes into account the need for reinforcements and also adds several weeks to reduce flight test and certification risk.

Initial testing for the side-of-body reinforcement has been completed and the design details of new fitting to ensure full structural integrity of the joint are being finalised.

The static test procedure that uncovered the issue will be repeated and the results will be analysed before the first flight.

Fatigue testing will also be performed on stringer components to validate the long-term durability of the modification.

The first 787 test airplane and static test unit have been prepared for the new fittings and installation will begin in the next few weeks.

The revised schedule will not impact the Boeing’s financial outlook according to a company statement.

Boeing intends to achieve a production rate of ten Dreamliners a month by late 2013.