Boeing supplier Spirit AeroSystems has ordered laminated glass windshields from PPG Aerospace for next-generation 737 airplanes to better protect the aircraft from bird-strikes.

The windshields, which are being redesigned to accommodate airframe improvements, will be slightly smaller than the existing versions and include an inboard plastic antispall liner to prevent glass from entering the flight deck following bird-strike.

Federal Aviation part 25 certification rules require that transport aircraft be able to withstand impact at cruise speeds of a 4lb (1.8kg) bird on front part of the aircraft, including the windshields and wings, and an 8lb bird on the empennage.

PPG Aerospace global sales director for commercial original equipment transparencies Art Scott said that Boeing has asked for an alternate approach to bird-strike performance for the windshields that works structurally with the 737 airframe.

“Adding an antispall liner to the windshields for next-generation 737 airplanes enables Boeing to keep the structural airframe design while incorporating newer technology,” he said.

The redesign is expected to be certified by the second quarter of 2010.

Spirit Aero Systems, a supplier of commercial airplane assemblies and components, was founded in 2005 after being acquired from Boeing by Onex Corporation.