Russian Helicopters, a managing body for several Russian helicopter businesses, has reported a net profit of 1.7bn roubles ($54m) in the first half of 2009.

The enterprises of Russian Helicopters delivered 64 helicopters compared to 32 during the same period of 2008.

Revenues from sales for the company has increased by 58% from 2008 at 18.4bn roubles ($585m).

Russian-made helicopters formed a 4.2% share of the global market in 2008, while a 5% share has been targeted for 2009 by the company. The company aims to gain a 15% global market share by 2015.

Russian Helicopters CEO Andrei Shibitov said they feel that their industry deserves more attention in terms of real state support, although they do know that in today’s circumstances this can be quite limited.

To address the financial issue, the company plans to take loans from international institutions.

Russian Helicopters, a UIC Oboronprom company, is the managing body for helicopter industry enterprises including Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, Kamov, Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, Kazan Helicopters, Rostvertol and Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company.