The PurePower fan drive gear system for Pratt & Whitney’s PW1000G engine has successfully completed accelerated endurance tests.

The system enables the engine’s low-pressure turbine to operate at higher rotational speeds for peak efficiency and the engine’s fan to operate at lower speeds at optimum propulsive efficiency and significantly lower levels of noise.

PurePower also allows for a larger fan diameter that can accommodate more air flow.

The endurance tests operated over the equivalent of 20,000 hours of service operation to demonstrate the design robustness of the system, which aims to reduce fuel burn, environmental emissions, engine noise and operating costs.

The system simulated more than 40,000 take-offs at the equivalent loads at 30,000lb of thrust, 15,000 of which were maximum-torque take-offs at extreme oil temperatures.

Inspections after the rigorous tests revealed the gears, journal bearings and components to be in good condition.

The endurance testing for the engine component further supports the findings from the PW1000G demonstrator engine.