Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has reaffirmed that the development of the aircraft and space exploration industries is one of Russia’s top priorities.

Speaking at the opening of the MAKS-2009 air show president Putin said, “we shall keep supporting the aircraft-building. Without aviation the Russian economy has no future, and the defense capabilities cannot be maintained without advanced complexes.”

The prime minister, however, warned against sloppy work and bad organisation as a result of government support.

In 2009, the Russian government has allocated about 80bn roubles ($2.5bn) for the development of the industry. The government also invested a further 35bn roubles ($1.09bn) of budget money injected into the charter capital of key enterprises.

According to Putin, budget money injected into aircraft-building must in the first place, help restore competitive companies and enterprises that can generate revenues and attract resources independently.

Over 700 companies, including 465 Russian firms, are participating in the biennial MAKS-2009 air show, which ends on Sunday.