The second satellite for the Ariane 5 launch rocket, JCSAT-12 has been integrated into the launch vehicle and is ready for lift-off.

JCSAT-12, is a high-power hybrid satellite, contains 30 active Ku-band transponders and 12 active C-band transponders serving Japan, the Asia-Pacific region and Hawaii.

The satellite, built by Lockheed Martin for SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, has lifespan of 15 years and will serve as a back up for other SKY Perfect satellites.

The JCSAT is based on Lockheed’s A2100 geosynchronous spacecraft design that will offer a range of fixed satellite services in C band and Ku band and high-power direct broadcast services using the Ku-band frequency spectrum.

The modular design of the satellite also features a reduction in parts, simplified construction, increased on-orbit reliability and reduced weight.

SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation is an Asian satellite operator providing broadcasting and communications services with a 12 satellites.