Bombardier’s carbon offset programme has received a new participant, Synergy Aerospace Corporation, a Brazilian carrier and the first Latin American firm to join the programme.

The programme charges a fixed cost per flight hour to the carriers (depending on aircraft model) that is used to purchase verified emission reduction credits through an offset provider, ClimateCare.

ClimateCare, in turn, invests the fees paid for offset credits into projects that will reduce the equivalent amount of CO2.

Bombardier Fleet Management Solutions customer services vice-president and general manager Michael McAdoo said Synergy’s decision to enroll in the carbon offset programme is a great example of how corporate aviation can address its environmental impact while the industry develops new technologies for reducing its carbon emissions.

“Carbon-footprint reduction and taking action to minimise the impact of remaining emissions is a growing concern for many customers and we are pleased to offer these operators a turnkey option to achieving this objective,” he said.

Bombardier will also provide a solution operators who will be obliged to offset carbon emissions under the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) which is set to take effect in January 2012.