Boeing will pursue marketing and support opportunities for Schiebel’s S-100 Camcopter under a teaming agreement with the mine equipment manufacturer.

The S-100, is a helicopter that can be programmed to fly autonomous missions via a point-and-click computer software interface, or be directed manually with a joystick.

The unmanned helicopter can also operate under adverse weather conditions and beyond line-of-sight on land and at sea and has datalink range of up to 200km with a service ceiling of 18,000ft.

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) further offers a platform for a range of payloads, including a stabilised video system for surveillance and reconnaissance.

Schiebel Industries AG director Hans G said that through the collaboration, the firm hopes to leverage Boeing’s depth of experience and proven contacts to provide the S-100 to US Government and military customers.

“The S-100 Camcopter could have applications for a variety of civilian customers as well.” he added.

Boeing Unmanned Airborne Systems (UAS) director Vic Sweberg said the agreement will further enable the new UAS division to deliver innovative solutions tailored to its customers’ needs and budgets.

The Schiebel group of companies develops, tests and produces mine detection equipment and the Camcopter UAVs.