Rockwell Collins will provide the full avionics suite of equipments for Three Twenty Holdings 25 A320 aircraft.

The avionics suite includes multiscan hazard detection system that analyse and determines actual weather hazards other than atmospheric moisture.

The detection system also reduces pilot workload, minimises unexpected turbulence encounters and provides optimal clutter-free weather displays.

The integrated GLU-920 multimode receiver (MMR) providing the aircraft’s primary position, velocity and time reference and enabling precision landing capability also forms a part of the avionics suite.

The advanced MMR also offers instrument landing system capability, high-integrity, satellite-based positioning for navigation and future landing functions. The system also has scope for supporting microwave landing system capabilities and meeting future air traffic management requirements.

Other equipment that will be offered in the suite include HFS-900D high-speed data radio, GNA-910 global navigation antenna, LRA-900 low-range radio altimeter, and TTR-921 traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS II) and VOR-900 VHF omnidirection range / marker beacon receiver.

Deliveries are expected to commence in September 2009 and continue to 2015.