EADS is facing a court case over the delayed A380 aircraft from a group of investors who have filed a class action lawsuit against the firm.

The investors have pointed out that EADS had been aware of the A380 super-jumbo delay in February 2006 and failed to communicate the information until 13 June 2006, leading to a sharp fall in its stock prices.

Munich-based law firm Rotter is representing 30 plaintiffs who are seeking damages totalling €19m, AFP reports quoting a spokesperson from the law firm.

Recently, seven current and former top EADS executives were implicated in an insider trading scandal.

The report stated the executives made millions of euros by exercising company stock options in March 2006 – knowing that the Airbus A380 project would be delayed – before the delay was formally announced.

The French authority had been investigating the internal trading case for the past two years before drawing up the final report.