The Endeavour shuttle has completed the STS-127 mission to the International Space Station and returned to Earth, landing at Nasa’s Kennedy Space Centre on 31 July 2009.

The landing marked the end of a 16-day mission to the space station to install the final section of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Kibo laboratory.

The winged spacecraft made a smooth re-entry across Central America, Cuba and Florida on its way to the spaceport following its descent from orbit with a de-orbit engine.

STS-127 Commander Mark Polansky said the astronauts deserve a lot of praise for what they accomplished during the time that they were docked to the International Space Station.

“In addition to that, it’s a tremendous pleasure and honour to bring back a great astronaut from Japan, Koichi Wakata,” Polansky said.

Wakata returned from the mission to be replaced aboard the station by Flight Engineer Tim Kopra.

The Endeavour crew is doing well after the landing, according to a Nasa statement.