Boeing will acquire Vought Aircraft Industries’ business and operations at its South Carolina facility to build key components of the 787 Dreamliner in-house.

The facility will help Boeing increase the productivity of the 787’s supply chain as the company increases production of the aircraft, according to Boeing Commercial Airplanes president and CEO Scott Carson.

“It will bolster our capability to develop and produce large composite structures that will contribute to the advancement of this critical technology,” Carson said.

The acquisition comes at the right time since the 787 programme had moved beyond the financial support capabilities of the company, according to president and CEO Elmer Doty.

Vought will continue to supply components for the aircraft and will be involved in other Boeing programmes.

The cash consideration to be paid to Vought amounts to $580m and it will be relieved of obligations of paying back advances given by Boeing for the 787 programme.

The Dreamliner’s debut was delayed recently due to technical glitches in its wing section.