Airbus has initiated a new study to improve flight data recovery for commercial airliners in case of accidents.

The announcement comes days after a Yemenia Airlines Airbus A310 crashed into the ocean off the Comoros islands – the second such disaster to befall Airbus in the space of a month following the tragic loss of the Air France Airbus A330-200, which crashed in the Atlantic on 1 June.

The study will encompass technological areas, data protection and privacy concerns.

Gathering information from accidents is vital for improving flight safety, Airbus president and CEO Tom Enders said.

“We will now study different options for viable commercial solutions, including those where our experience with real-time data transmission from our own test aircraft could support the further development of such solutions,” he said.

Airbus will involve industrial partners, research institutions, and international airworthiness and investigation authorities in the study.