The Sirius FM-5 satellite has been launched into geo-transfer orbit by the Proton Breeze M launch vehicle.

The radio satellite operated by Sirius XM Radio will supplement the existing Sirius constellation and send concentrated transmissions to small advanced devices serving the US and Canada.

Sirius FM-5 has an end-of-life power capability of about 20kW. It features a 9m unfurlable reflector that allows for broadcast to cars and other small mobile devices.

The Space Systems/Loral (SS/L) built satellite with an X-band uplink and an S-band downlink payload can support a broad range of applications and technology advances.

The Sirius FM-5 is the fourth satellite of the Sirius XM Radio fleet and its first geostationary satellite.

The satellite will fire its main thruster to start manoeuvering into geosynchronous orbit soon.

Sirius XM Radio is a satellite radio company serving America.