Alcan Global Aerospace Transportation and Industry (ATI) showcased a range of aluminium alloy and manufacturing innovations at the Paris Air Show to make future aircraft more environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

The showcase included a single, monolithic casting of a passenger door frame replacing a sub-assembly made of 93 separate components and 1,600 rivets for the Dassault Falcon 900/2000/7X series.

The company demonstrated an innovative concept to join carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) and aluminium-lithium alloy to be used in hybrid aerospace structures.

A pre-machined Airbus A330 landing gear element using 77% recycled aluminium scraps recovered from production was also put up.

The company illustrated downstream aluminium activity and the full potential of aluminium recycling through stretch-formed, heat-treated, stretched and machined extrusions for fuselage frames for Airbus A380 and Embraer ERJ145.

Alcan showed how the forward fuselage bulkhead can be machined from high-performance aluminium-lithium plate for all F-35 variants.

Innovative solutions for the Ariane-5’s turbopump were also displayed.

Alcan Global ATI produces aerospace plates and provides a range of advanced lightweight aluminium solutions.