The first civil unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with 100% automatic take-off and landing capabilities used for civil, logistical, humanitarian and paramilitary applications is on display at the 2009 Paris Air Show.

The soft-wing unmanned aircraft FR102-UAV does not need assistance during take-off or landing, unlike the previous version that had to be manually piloted in take-off and landing phases.

The aircraft comprises four main elements – the wing, the on-board electronics, the trike and the ground station that allows a remote piloting and route programming.

The FR102-UAV has a payload capacity of 250kg and can carry full capacity payload up to 350km and can fly more than 1,600km with a 50kg payload.

The UAV is about ten to 20 times cheaper than competitor vehicles in the medium-altitude and long-endurance category.

A certification request has been filed for the FR102-UAV to the European Aviation Safety Agency.

The UAV manufacturer, Flying Robots, designs and manufactures a range of soft-wing unmanned aircraft.